Laurel Releases Two New Singles ‘Crave’ and ‘Same Mistakes’ taken from “Dogviolet” Out August 24th on Counter Records

Rising UK star LAUREL has today released two new singles ‘Crave’ and ‘Same Mistakes’, both taken from her incredible debut album ‘DOGVIOLET’, out August 24th on Counter Records. These two new tracks follow lead single ‘Lovesick’ and further showcase the sublime vocals and raw guitars of the evocative and effortless 12 track LP.

The two new singles reveal the stylistic range of ‘DOGVIOLET’, with the gritty, driving blues of ‘Same Mistakes’ in contrast to the cinematic and soaring ‘Crave’. First single ‘Lovesick’ set the tone for the album, with open, sparse production revealing LAUREL’s effortlessly emotive voice and the vintage warmth of her guitar playing. Other album highlights include spellbinding live favourite ‘Life Worth Living’, the infectiously wounded ‘Adored’, spikey punk pop hit ‘Same Mistakes’ and bitingly intense track ‘Sun King’ showcasing LAUREL’s mesmerising and intense vocals, seeing her singing ‘What is life, but a dream’.