Indie-pop duo LEYYA share newest single “Wannabe”

Austrian pop-duo LEYYA share their latest spirited single “Wannabe” and accompanying music video by Nowness featured Rupert Höller set for release on 20th July via Las Vegas Records/ +1 Records, after the success of their highly anticipated, glistening sophomore album “Sauna” released in January.

LEYYA’s latest single “Wannabe” kicks off with delicate atmospheres and Sophie’s unwinding, yet lively vocal delivery against playfully agile beats and bubbling synthesizers before erupting into high-spirited animation, and ocean-deep self reflection. Repeating the decorative phrase, “I wanna be like you wanna be like me”, we dive into the minds and psyche of the duo’s ability to spark and astonish.

Leyya says, “After releasing our Second Album ‘Sauna‘ we tried to avoid the Post-Release-down with being creative and writing new music straight away. The song is circling around a problem almost everyone can relate to: Wanting to be like somebody else. Ironically – we find – its often also the other way around.

On the official music video for Leyya’s “Wannabe”, director Rupert Höller gives further insight, commenting: “‘Wannabe’ is about the feeling that there is always someone cooler, better than you and the endless circle this thinking causes. You may think your neighbor is better, your neighbor thinks his neighbor is better, and the neighbor’s neighbor thinks you are better. In the video, we created a world where two clones are constantly fighting and making up again – like siblings that both hate and love each other, but both fighting for their status, both admiring and envying each other, and yet enjoying their company. This abstract world set in the glowing summer sun of Croatia’s landscape visualizes the absurdity of the dissatisfaction with one’s self and celebrates this feeling.

LEYYA Live Dates:

21.07 – Fiberfib, Benicassim, Spain
27.07 – Taktraumfestival, Ingolstadt, Germany
17.08 – Funk am See, Luzern, Switzerland
18.08 – Dockville, Hamburg, Germany
08.09 – Brucknerhaus/Klangwolke, Linz, Austria

Fall Tour:

03.10 – Rockhouse, Salzburg, Austria
04.10 – Cinema Paradiso, St. Pölten, Austria
14.10 – Sixdogs, Athens, Greece
17.10 – Ekko, Utrecht, Netherlands
19.10 – Artheater, Köln, Austria
23.10 – Sebright Arms, London, United Kingdom
25.10 – Glockse, Hannover, Germany
26.10 – Engelsburg, Erfert, Germany
17.11 – Sub, Neustadt, Germany
23.11 – ppc, Graz, Austria
24.11 – OKH, Vöcklabruck, Austria
27.11 – Konzerthaus, Wien, Austria
28.11 – Konzerthaus, Wien, Austria