Human Touch Share “Swan Song” from Debut LP ‘Promise Not To Fall’, Out Sept. 21st

Human Touch, the musical alias of Portland, Oregon singer, songwriter and electro pop
producer Natalia Rogovin, is the quintessential dream pop soundtrack for your perfect life.
But it didn’t originate as one might imagine – the project began in the woods of rural Northern California, where Natalia spent a few months writing and recording striking moody pop hooks,incongruously based around synths and drum machines, in an isolated, off-the-grid cabin. The
solitude of the redwoods was fertile ground for Rogovin’s creative process – ever since, she’s traveled the world, always seeking the same solitude: first in rural Maine, then Vietnam, and finally Alaska, where she recently took a day job in the rough and tumble world of commercial fishing.

Through all her travels, she’s continued to work on a small collection of stunning songs that conjure up nothing resembling the seclusion of her travels or the sparse coldness of Maine or Alaska. Instead, the resulting music is a heartbroken mix of neon lights and entangled limbs, all underpinned with the sentimental moodiness of a bleached sunset or a high school dance.
This spring, Natalia put the finishing touches on the new music, planning to release it later in the year as an album titled Promise Not to Fall. While driving from Portland to start her job on an Alaskan fishing boat, she learned that the album’s still-unreleased title track had found its way to the creators behind the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, who wanted it to be heavily featured in both the series and the promotion behind its late-May debut. “Promise Not to Fall” generated huge excitement, appearing immediately on Spotify’s Global and US Viral Charts and being streamed over 2 million times in under two weeks, thrusting Human Touch into the spotlight just as Natalia settles into the routine of spending her days on the remote Bering Sea.

Promise Not To Fall was recorded with Lewis Pesacov (Best Coast/Foreign Born), and layers Rogovin’s searing vocals over 80s synths and velvet guitar riffs knitted among a sexy mosaic of electronic and organic beats. It will be released this September.

1. Promise Not To Fall
2. Black tongue
3. Swan Song
4. Melt
5. Living Young
6. We’re The Survivors
7. Need To Run
8. No One Wants To Dance
9. Save You
10. Hate
11. White Horses