Watch : anaïs shares brand new single ‘no control’ ft. Olly Alexander

The UK’s most captivating new artist – anaïs – releases her brand new single ‘no control’.

Co-written by long term friend Olly Alexander, ‘no control’ is another fascinating demonstration of the peerless talent and class that exudes from the Senegalese singer, songwriter and producer anaïs. Like ‘nina’ and ‘set in stone’ that came before it, ‘no control’ finds anaïs once again challenging her listeners to be brave and relinquish control of the things that are out of our own power. anaïs perfectly distinct and effortless vocal has never sounded more sublime and with ad libs provided by the ethereal Kwabs, ‘No Control is a stunning tribute to seeking freedom from anxiety and worry that you’re destined to come back to time and time again.

By just simply listening to her incredible voice you can hear that, despite still being only 27, anaïs has lived a hundred lives already. Through her nomadic childhood (whether studying the violin in France or staying silent for seven months while adjusting to life in Ireland) anaïs has observed the changing world around her and is now using her defiant and powerful voice to verbalise the well-worn sensation of often feeling like an outsider looking in, and ultimately speak the hard truths she has learnt.

Artists as vital, brave and bold as anaïs are hard to find. ‘no control’ is the next piece of the story. Her upcoming headline show at St Pancras Old Church on the 5th September promises to be the next very special moment in what can only be described as a captivating ascension of one of the most important new voices.