Watch : Joe Cardamone (Icarus Line) “Love Roses”

Joe Cardamone of infamous LA band The Icarus Line shares the brooding video for “Love Roses,” a new track off his upcoming Holy War mixtape out next Friday, 9/21 on Helium Records.

This follows Joe’s release of two films, Holy War II (ft. Arrow de Wilde of Starcrawler, Leafar Seyer of Prayers) and The Icarus Line Must Die (ft. Ariel Pink, Keith Morris of Black Flag/Circle Jerks, Melissa Brooks of The Aquadolls, Annie Hardy of Giant Drag).

Cardamone explains the new song: “Love means so many different things on a minute by minute basis. Down to a molecular level it exists. That’s how I feel anyways. So just another night in LA we give up Love Roses.