Hanna Larsson & Andrea Kallström trade up for new moniker lennixx

Hanna Larsson and Andrea Kallström not only return with a new moniker – lennixx – but also an untapped maturity that shines through the Sunny-days-in-Stockholm tones of new mixtape hapap. They progressively peg an early noughties r&b slink with their own crystalline contemporary margins of sound, making for something familiar and nostalgic, yet utterly fresh. Two years since their debut, Hanna and Andrea; 18 and 20, have by no means reached their peak, but have presented to us an innovative diptych of Stockholm’s urban aesthetic to a, frankly, quite tired Scandi-pop scene.

Opening with a combination of glimmering vocal samples and 80s synthesisers, remaining ever prevalent throughout the track, traded up. is truly eclectic in the range of genres and styles it incorporates into its body. The duo presents us with diamante dynamism and panache with their effortless marriage of vocal parts, with which they skip, harmonise, and jump in a Brandy & Monica or TLC manner, yet integrating something of their own; a certain indescribable sheen only achieved through the neoteric songwriting and production.

Here’s what lennixx had to say about the track:

traded up. is about the release and happiness that comes with escaping a toxic relationship; whether it was with a friend or partner. Like, you think you have it better now, but you have no idea what you had, and soon you realise what you’re missing out on. When we wrote it, it came from a personal place, but we still had other stories in mind, we wrote it in a way that allowed people to openly interpret it and apply the song to their own issues…