Listen : Lil Silva teams up with Cautious Clay on stunning new track ‘Always Wonder’

Vocalist and producer TJ Carter, better known by his alias Lil Silva, has had a storied career as a lynchpin of the UK music landscape. Known just as much for creating legendary club anthems as he is for working behind the scenes with the likes of Mark Ronson, Sampha, Adele, BANKS, Silk City and more, Silva is an artist whose collaborative skills are unrivalled as he moves into a new, vocally-focused stage of his output with previous single ‘Making Sense’. Today, Lil Silva joins forces with hotly tipped New York artist Cautious Clay for a brand new single, ‘Always Wonder’. Advancing further down the vocal route hinted at on ‘Making Sense’, ‘Always Wonder’ embodies a glistening atmosphere and relaxed groove, making for a perfectly soulful approach to modern R&B.

Opening to the delicate atmospherics and Silva’s unmistakable falsetto, ‘Always Wonder’ is a tender ode to celebrating love behind the scenes and keeping close connections special. Punctuated with reverberated chimes and faint guitar trills, ‘Always Wonder’ is a masterclass in finely-crafted songwriting, with the track slowly progressing in pace; building with distorted bass tones, momentum instilling percussive elements and fleeting melodics. On the track, Cautious Clay also proves why he’s one of the world’s most in demand new artists too, pairing his almost therapeutic vocal tone with relatable lyricism and recognisable instrumental flourishes of his own work, making ‘Always Wonder’ a harmonious meeting of exceptional songwriting talents from either side of the Atlantic.

With ‘Always Wonder’, Lil Silva consolidates his reputation not only as one of the UK’s most essential collaborative minds, but as one of the most beguiling songwriters currently active today. With his transformation from producer to multi-talented all-rounder complete, Lil Silva sets his sights on becoming a soulful voice to be reckoned with, and by coming together with Cautious Clay, a talent currently working with the likes of John Mayer, Hudson Mohawke, Alunageorge and more, Silva has found a creative parallel and ultimately, the perfect counterpart for ‘Always Wonder’’s expansively soulful flow.