After a 2-year absence, Plastic Mermaids reveal a video for their new psych-pop single ‘1996’

It’s been two years since the Isle of Wight’s Plastic Mermaids have released a new record and now the five-piece band are back with a new psychedelia-infused, indie-pop single ‘1996’ with an amusingly genius & heart-warming video to accompany the release, which was entirely conceptualised, directed and produced by the band.

Plastic Mermaids are a five-piece band featuring brothers Jamie and Douglas Richards, who collaborate on vocals, synths and samples, along with guitarist Chris Newnham, bassist Tom Farren and drummer Chris Jones. Their video for new single ‘1996’ is about a quiet recluse who is obsessed with technology and one day on his way to work sees a robot on a train and falls in love with it, which eventually leads to his death. Expect to see shots of iPhones being toasted and buttered and probably the first ever robot-on-man sex scene ever!

Making the video was kind of fun but more often hilariously awkward, all of the shots where we were out in public were pretty hard work and we got a LOAD of dodgy looks. Also the robot was pretty uncomfortable to wear, and SUPER warm. There’s probably a bit of deeper meaning maybe to do with how we live in modern life but i’d like to remain kind of vague on that and let people make up their own minds.