Amsterdam’s ​Pin Up Club and Berlin’s Conga Fever team up on Mireia Records w/ Lauer, Jacob Korn and RSS Disco remixes

Mireia Records​​’ tenth release “ZEHN” is a split between two musically-minded outfits: Amsterdam’s ​Pin Up Club and Berlin’s Conga Fever, with discerning remixes from Lauer, Jacob Korn and RSS Disco that refine the record further.

Pin Up Club open the record with “Dilapidated”. The band was approached by Mireia Records’ label heads RSS Disco after hearing their Bordello A Parigi debut “Friends Of The Vortex” and seeing the band play live at a festival in Holland. Everyone was clearly on the same page – particularly concerning italo disco’s legacy – music was exchanged and the fruits of the partnership you can now hear out loud. “Dilapidated” is a spiral through the deep stages of fever dreams, with melancholic pads setting the stage and an infectious bassline and hard-hitting drums hammering the party home.

Physical release date:November 26th 2018
screen printed vinyl,limited edition of 300
Digital release date:November 30th 2018
A1 Pin Up Club – Dilapidated
A2 Pin Up Club – Dilapidated(Lauer Remix)
A3 Pin Up Club – Dilapidated(RSS Disco Remix)
B1 Conga Fever – Chihuahua
B2 Conga Fever – Chihuahua(Jacob Korn Remix)
On remix duties, Lauer enrolls a cast of cowbells, sirens and pure “Power”, redirecting the track’s energy towards the ceiling of your local basement rave. This is a man who’s widely known for his knack for melodies and unadulterated euphoria but it sounds like he’s knocked it out of the park with this one. RSS Disco​​ channel “Dilapidated” into a psychedelic journey with a distinct italo feel. A frayed lead circles around muggy Oberheim chords and the whole business is backed up by old-school drum work and a classic arpeggiated Juno bass line that scream for neon lights and smoke machines.

On the flipside​ Conga Fever bops you deep into the thicket with his “​Chihuahua​​”. Whirring synths, confident drums, and a bassline as heavy as the setting sun form the sonic make up of this slo-mo groover. It’s moody and balearic yet decidedly fun and danceable – the arab strings are a particular highlight. Conga Fever had previously appeared on Mireia with a solo EP and a contribution to the “​We’ll Sea​​” series and he continues to impress with music that sounds effortlessly dense and intricate – certainly achieved thanks to a keen ear for frequency and the man himself performing all instruments. On remix duties for this one is Uncanny Valley’s Jacob Korn​​ who takes a teutonic approach to the track. The incense has burned out, making space for a cold new-beat-esque groove. The bassline and chords still flutter playfully but make no mistake, it’s a straight up call to the dancefloor.

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