Watch : Imperial Daze share video for ‘Man Out Of Myself’

Made up of singer/guitarist Alex Cameron-Ward, guitarist/bassist Felix Rebaud-Sauer, keyboardist/singer Facundo Rodriguez and drummer Tom Sunney, Peckham, indie-psych-pop quartet Imperial Daze started as a 3-piece studio project. At the end of 2014, the band decided to build a recording studio together with the intention of making music for advertising under the company name of AudioCommune, following Alex’s previous band being placed in a Sony PS4 advert, bringing in enough money to set up a recording hub in the basement of an industrial old warehouse building in Battersea.
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On Imperial Daze Words :”This is the first song we ever wrote as a group, the first demo we ever put online, the first song to give us a taste of where we could go as a band, the benchmark of what a pop song was to us.
We’re so happy to share the full, unadulterated and final version with you. More stories, and sounds & visions coming soon.