Guido Schneider & Daniel Dreier – Liquid Summer EP(Incl. remixes from Martin Buttrich and Ostrich)

Master minimalist Guido Schneider links with Daniel Dreier for two new tunes on the Opulence label that come with tasty remixes from Martin Buttrich and Ostrich.

Opener Liquid Summer is a fluid deep techno cut, with rolling rubbery drums and spooky vocal echoes. Woozy synths lead your mind down a rabbit hole and the result is perfect dancing music. Studio wizard Martin Buttrich remixes it into something more dry and stripped back, with driving drums and off kilter piano notes bringing a freaky feel.

The next original is Behind the Curtain, a punchy cut with the sort of warm drums that really make you move. Curious synth details, alien life forms and sci-fi motifs all colour the groove and make it a perfect late night jam, while Ostrich remixes it into seven minutes of restless and kinetic minimal tech with spangled synths and sci-fi details that bring real charm. Buttrich then offers a Sub Fire Dub of Liquid Summer that’s designed for melting minds and latching intoxicated bodies onto the smooth, endless grooves.

This then is another excellent release from Opulence.

Release Date: 16th December 2018

1) Liquid Summer (Original Mix)
2) Liquid Summer (Martin Buttrich remix)
3) Behind The Curtain (Original Mix)
4) Behind The Curtain (Ostrich Remix)
5) Liquid Summer (Martin Buttrich Sub Fire Dub)