Watch : LAPP infuses soulful poignancy with digitised R&B on ‘Tennessee’

After numerous UK tour dates playing headline shows, while gaining some serious acclaim from the likes of Tom Robinson, Louder Than War and many more with his bands The Loose Hearts and Wild Rossa And The ’88, LAPP now deviates in style, moving further towards a classification in the realms of alt-R&B. Still featuring emotive yowls and telling tales of the human condition, LAPP now pulls his style of songwriting toward a strong focus on distinctively digitised terrains of instrumentation, producing something entirely new.

LAPP now debuts with ‘Tennessee’, which opens with indulgent lo-fi guitars, glitch-ridden vocals, and an underlying swing, fitting with LAPP’s soulful, poignant vocals. The chorus features refracting synthesisers and high-frequency backing-vocals, both adding to the complex, dense arrangements of the track, while LAPP laments; ‘Tell me it was one time, tell me that one hundred times, tell me you won’t make it right, say what’s really on your mind’.

Here’s what LAPP had to say about the track; ‘Tennessee tells the story of a young gay man who becomes a victim of his own feelings. Whilst growing up, discovering girls and doing what normal boys do, he falls for a boy after hearing his voice crack. A few years later after a brief summer romance, our man then decides to come out only to find him without a family, a home and a lover who chooses to live in denial and remain with his girlfriend. We find our man questioning his beloved on how it is even possible to mask his love as he is barely able to contain his own. Tennessee tells the story of people who are hated for just being in their own skin.

And some insight on the visual from the directors: Chris Hine said; ‘Luke had a clear idea what he wanted from the video. It was entirely stripped back to reflect the rawness of the lyrics and arrangement.

And Dominic Brooks elaborated; ‘We just captured the emotions in the moment of the story. It’s a simple video for a complex record.