Schmieds Puls explore the importance of asking for help in new video for ‘The Plan

Fronted by Mira Lu Kovacs, Christian Grobauer (drums) and Walter Singer (bass) – Schmieds Puls are an Austrian outfit who have been making waves in their home territory for some time. Spanning genres, refusing to be pigeonholed and being politically outspoken, particularly regarding Mira’s feminism has cemented them as one of the countries most interesting outputs, earning them prestigious accolades such as the Amadeus Austrian Music Award.

Filmed in a Vienna gym, the clip features women of a variety of shapes, sizes and sexualities lifting heavy weights and supporting each other. Mira explains “This song is dedicated to my mania and the illusion of having to do everything by myself. ‘If you leave it to me then I can heal all nations’. I don’t ever want to unlearn how to ask for assistance or help. It does not make you weak. So we made this clip about strength and muscles and empowerment.

Listen Manic Acid Love
1. The Plan
2. Run
3. Exhausted
4. Don’t Love Me Like That
5. Oh (You Lose Me)
6. Superior (F*ck You)
7. The Walk
8. Somebody Is Trying To Kill Me
9. Acid
10. Screens
11. The Urge Of Night (Where I Go Next)