Listen : Onur – I Don’t Know Why I Fall In Love

Onur – I Don’t Know Why I Fall In Love
ONUR continues to peel the layers of his heart and art with his new single I Don’t Know Why I Fall In Love, available on all streaming platforms now.

Drawing on 90’s rnb and Latin music influences, the 22-year-old versatile artist reflects with despair on past embraces with a former partner, lamenting a passion that is now long gone. “The song started as this Latin style track, because I think that those Argentinian style strings you hear in tango and the likes always have this romance and passion behind it”, describes ONUR who wrote and produced the languid last dance. “Carrying on from the theme of my break-up and me not getting over it, I Don’t Know Why I Fall In Love reflects on my thoughts of her a while after the relationship ended, and how I’m still stuck in heartbreak, yet don’t want to be, therefore blaming myself for being in love, he says of the track ending on a new tempo with an explosive and brassy drop. I wanted this song to be way more intimate so it came across more like an open letter to her. Music, to me, is a visual experience, even if the track doesn’t have visuals. And with this song, I just imagine the idea of her.