Leif Erikson share video for new single ‘Matter’, UK tour dates announced + EP coming soon

Leif Erikson – Matter
Leif Erikson have shared the video for new single ‘Matter’. Following their acclaimed debut mini-album and extensive touring, the London-based five-piece will announce further live plans soon, with ‘Matter’ introducing a brand new EP also expected early next year.

‘Matter’ is a welcome return for Leif Erikson, a band still in relative infancy but one who also already appear to be pushing the limits of their epic yet intimate sound. The track was conceived following a period of experimentation and regrouping for Leif Erikson, attempting – says lead singer Sam – “to capture something esoteric about life’s purpose, about making the right choices and following the path that is right for you. What is it to be a human and be given this existence that is such a bizarre miracle, but can also be full of pain and struggles. Are there any clues within the infinite universe, a tiny blip of which we occupy or is everything simply the product of chaos? We were very inspired by Curtis Mayfield’s album ‘Roots’ when thinking about ‘Matter’. He so effortlessly makes these incredible statements about life and society over these stunning, super funky musical arrangements.”

Leif Erikson’s transatlantic, emotive and effortlessly-accomplished work to date is the result of five unique life journeys, brought together under the namesake of a little-known Icelandic explorer believed by many to have been the first Westerner to reach the shores of America. Lead singer and guitarist Sam Johnston’s socially conscious lyrics project a disarming honesty. Here are songs which offer the kind of thoughtful interiority that, while grounded in astute observation, feel instantly relatable to anybody struggling to find meaning and comfort amidst the hectic concerns of modern living. These are, nevertheless, songs of steely resistance, which seek freedom wherever you can find it.

Ultimately, Leif Erikson seek to take the disaffection of modern life and turn it into a form of ascension through the power of music. They’re still only at the foot of their career but like their explorer namesake, Leif Erikson are what happens when you find yourself – however you get there – right where you are supposed to be.

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