Premiere : Dinkis – My Heroes (Alberth Remix)

Dinkis – My Heroes (Alberth Remix),taken from The Gaia’s Kisses Remixes EP,out January 14 on Wout Records

After the great success of Dinkis The Gaia’s Kisses” EP, a comprehensive package of remixes is now following. The Crème de la Crème of the Wout Records artists could let off steam on his tracks. Allies For Everyone, Miguel Rendeiro, Michele Anullo, Veitha, Alberth, Twenty Pound, Como Sea and Shunsuke Akimoto show here the full range of the current state of the art in electronic music.
Allies For Everyone dip the title track “The Gaia’s Kisses” into a melodic house garment; significantly atmospheric with a striking beats and overwhelming synth pads. The track always fits. Miguel Rendeiro‘s interpretation is much faster, wild, rousing. Here the tension is created by a multitude of voice samples and a goose-pumb bass synth. We recommend loop mode. “From World Lost” was allowed to go through the talented fingers of Michele Anullo and Veitha. The result is an advancing tech house piece that begins powerfully and gains even more energy during the course of the track. Already the name of the original track “My Hereos” indicates the emotional significance of the theme.

Alberth keeps the primary meaning with his reworking and still manages to put his own stamp on the track. All in all a skillful deep house banger. Twenty Pound‘s rendition of “The Gaia’s Kisses” is a bit more melancholic than the original one. A lot of work was done with long reverbs, polyrhythmic drum sequences and resonance-accentuated vibrating bassline. The remixer is definitely a friend of frequency modulation. Coma Sea sheds light on the theme of “The Gaia’s Kisses” from another perspective. The emphasis is on the alternating arpeggios, coupled with each other, which tend to create a really dark atmosphere. This 7 track compilation is rounded off by Shunsuke Akimoto and his personal view on “L’Ombra Dell’Uomo Invisibile”. This remix is based on his distinctive drums loops who accompanies us through the track from start to finish. Dark synthesizer sounds create a breathtaking atmosphere. Dinkis is stunned by this bandwith of great remixes: thanks you for these awesome compositions!

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