ISA battles with traction forces in new single ‘Craving’

Having blown us away with a sharp discography of R&B/pop songs in 2018, multi-talented songwriter, artist and dancer ISA starts the new year with melodious and catchy ‘Craving’, out now. In her new single, ISA interprets the struggle against the strong pulling power in an unhealthy relationship. It’s her final one before the debut album, scheduled in April on her own record label Licious Music.

Well on her way to become Sweden’s next pop queen, 20 year old songwriter, artist and dancer ISA has been internationally acclaimed throughout the year for her way to deliver serious and underrepresented issues packed in luxury pop tunes with shades of R&B.

2018 has been about finding her own space by starting her own record label and standing up for values close to her heart (as being a key part of the Swedish #MeToo movement). Now she enters the new year with ‘Craving’ that brings artists such as Ariana Grande och Rita Ora to mind. A catchy and graceful melody language is combined with an airy, modern soundscape and ISA’s strong and playful vocals.
Most people knows how hard it is to act rationally in relationships. ‘Craving’ interprets the dilemma in trying to resist the attraction of a person who adversely affects one’s life, while it’s so insanely magical to be near him or her for the moment. The song is about losing yourself in a destructive relationship and pending between these emotions” – ISA explains.