Listen : Ascorbite – Macrocosmic Framework(Corseque Records)

Corseque Records, owned by Ascorbite himself, will emerge from the shadows for the first time with Macrocosmic Framework on January 25th, get it digitally or on 12” vinyl.
Ascorbite’s debut album on his own Corseque Records is like a spooky mirror attraction at the edge of an after-hours amusement park. Step inside and you’ll find ten different mirrors uncannily glowing in a pitch black room. You’ll see yourself in each and every one of them, but the images will be deformed and continuously shifting. There are voices behind the glass, beckoning, chanting, calling out to you. Some seem human, others decisively mechanical. It ought to be a cacophony, but it’s not. Titanic bass kicks make all the ten mirrors vibrate in sync, giving the illusion of one single, distorted image. Dark and harsh, yes, but also a vision of endless possibilities.
-Björn Jumme, Kontra-Musik


01. Divination (Introversion)
02. Devour Affliction
03. Habitual Longing
04. Disaffection
05. Second Range Of Vision
06. Virtuous Infelicity
07. Burning Pendulum
08. Unbleached
09. Shading
10. Unfolding (Serenity)