Watch : Taliwhoah’s ‘Love Cycle’ Is An Ode To Late Night R&B’

Following the sweeping EP ‘New Wave Order Vol. 1’ and 2018 hit single ‘Soul Food’ – racking up nearly 1million streams on Spotify last year – R&B frontwoman Taliwhoah returns under new management with singles ‘Run Along’ and now ‘Love Cycle’, available on Rostrum Records.

The daughter of Boney M’s Toyin Adekale, Taliwhoah has enjoyed a life surrounded by musicians. From an early age she fell in love with the process of songwriting and quickly developed a love for all genres, reflected in last year’s wonderfully eclectic EP. But this year, soul replaces the new wave RnB of before. Drawing comparisons with Solange and SZA, on her last release Taliwhoah takes inspiration from her British roots with a nod to queen of English soul, Sade. And much like Sade’s music, the resulting new sound is at once unassuming and deceptively progressive.

If the EP cemented Talitha’s reputation as a bright new talent, ‘Love Cycle’ foretells a future as the newest star in global R&B. And with a new album planned for early next year via Rostrum Records expect this to be just the start of this dusty, soul-infused RnB journey.

Having recently come out as bi-sexual, Taliwhoah uses this song to reference her struggles since revealing her sexual orientation to her family and friends, and the problems it has caused her since.

Love cycle is a story so many have experienced! The triumph of a “forbidden” love going against all odds to make it happen! I wanted to tell a story that I could relate too myself and so many of my close friends have experienced also.