Watch : Szjerdene’s new single “Rain”

In anticipation of her third solo EP project ‘Trace’, Szjerdene releases the mesmerising new track and accompanying visuals for ‘Rain’ – an intimate number encased in an opulent veneer of electronica.

Produced by Greatcoat Films, Szjerdene uses her music videos to bring her creative visions to life. The video’s protagonists are at first hesitant in their physical interactions, afraid to demonstrate emotional vulnerability. And yet as the track progresses, the instrumentation builds into fearless plumes of electronic percussion. Bodies intertwine as the couple explore orchestral depths and eventually grow into their intimacy. “‘Rain’ describes the ways in which love can be both overwhelming and numbing at the same time.” Szjerdene explains.

Szjerdene started blogging because she had a story to tell. This diaristic format allowed her to vividly document her life experiences as a vocalist and entrepreneur as she traversed a complex musical landscape, casting aside the narratives that once held her back for so many years. This project is a creative haven for her unified thoughts, no matter how scattered and unformed they may be, creating a rich tapestry for her musical story to exist in.