Alt-pop songwriter NEMI releases her vibrant new track ‘Can’t Get Through To You’

Alt-pop songwriter NEMI releases her vibrant new track ‘Can’t Get Through To You’ via the London-based label Audio Network.

Lifted from her forthcoming ‘YOU’ EP, the single is produced by Exmoor Emperor (Ama Lou and Jones), portraying how convoluted and overwhelming relationships often become when there is a breakdown in communication. Inspired by the cult classic Betty Blue, the artist immediately felt a connection with the film’s fiery and passionate protagonist.

Discussing the film’s influence over the new track NEMI states, “The single came to me at a time when I felt particularly out of control. Betty Blue is a beautiful, fiery, suffering soul, that captured a certain essence that coincidently suited the track. I love her more than any film character I’ve ever seen before.

NEMI’s love for artists such as Kate Bush, Blondie and Madonna have shaped the musical trajectory of her 4 track EP ‘YOU’ due out this April. “I couldn’t help but be inspired by these strong and expressive women.” Each track has been written by way of a direct conversation, a deeply personal narrative between the protagonist and an estranged lover. “The word “you” felt like the perfect summary title that suited the atmosphere of the EP” NEMI explains. “I can’t ignore the fact that the word “you” itself in some form or another appears over 60 times throughout the EP”.

NEMI grew up between Portugal and South London. She dropped out of school aged 16 and while facing ongoing challenges with anxiety she isolated herself for over a year to focus on her songwriting. Parental concerns instigated a period of NEMI working with a close family friend selling film and music memorabilia at local car-boot fairs. This vintage trade was the catalyst for her musical inspiration, immersing herself in the works of John Holt, Louis Prima, Sarah Vaughan and Frank Sinatra – inspiring figures that have helped shape her musical journey.