Francois frees himself from adveristy in the style of Lapsley and Summer Heart

We all have something in our lives that makes us feel trapped one way or the other. The new single “Over You” by François talks about setting yourself free from that thing, that person or that feeling that is weighing heavily on your heart.

Produced by Summer Heart’s David Alexander, “Over You” is here to encourage you through its chillwave production and candid lyrics. The song wants you to dive deep into the minimalistic, serene and star-bleached sonics of the track whilst trying to figure out how to let go of what’s stopping you from being free.

From its steady pace to the tinkling synth parts, you can hear this is something a little special. With the bright and colourful aspects of electronic sounds accompanying the vocals, this is a perfect tune for an evening drive in the sunset.

‘“Over you” is about shouting out intentions, freeing yourself from adversity. Whether that is relationships or friendships; it’s about letting go of the past and moving on to your brighter future, removing all negativity along the way.

At the end of the song and its final chorus, and after repeating “I’m Over You” enough times, you might actually be free of whatever was bothering you beforehand. At least that’s the whole point of this tune, to relax and inspire.