Augustine follows up the acclaimed debut with new single “A Scent of Lily”

Augustine is the 22-year-old Swedish indie-pop upstart who’s been internationally praised for “Luzon”, the February track that showcased his songwriting, original sound and singular vocals. On April 12 he reveals his second single “A Scent of Lily”. Ariana Grande’s “Into You” aroused the idea for the song, which culminated in this cinematic, melancholy interpretation of the powerlessness of losing yourself in a relationship.

Songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Augustine’s debut ‘Luzon’ led to comparisons including James Blake, Maggie Rogers and Foster The People. With “A Scent of Lily” he follows up with a powerful, cinematic production that merges contemporary indie pop with ‘80s electronic synthesizers and percussion. Powerful vocals carry a vulnerability, as Augustine once again exposes his relatable thoughts of confused love. “You run yourself a bath,” he sings. “I just got lost in my two room flat”.

There are those few people who makes you completely blank. The ones who divide your life into a ‘before’ and an ‘after,’ says Augustine. “‘A Scent of Lily’ is about the powerlessness that can creep into such relationships, when you buy into everything that person does to the level where you stop thinking your own reasonable thoughts. This song came to life on a late night almost three years ago and is the first one I wrote for my own artist project,” says Augustine.

The single is inspired by the chorus of Ariana Grande’s “Into You”, taking a more alternative turn through the incorporation of Augustine’s own unique sound. On this second single, he works with the same producers as on “Luzon”; Rassmus Björnson and Agrin Rahmani (LÉON, Skott).