Watch : Adjua releases her debut single ‘O.L.V’

Bristol based vocalist and producer Adjua releases her debut single ‘O.L.V’, fresh off her upcoming album

The tracks creation began with just the words “one little voice” – a line which ultimately became the overriding inspiration for the single. Diving headfirst into a deep rolling bass-line, Adjua’s powerful vocals cut through the darkness as she draws on her musical influences to curate an idiosyncratic melody. Inspired by the bass heavy depths of Bristol’s underground music scene, a kaleidoscope of sounds and textures are fused with Adjua’s transcendent songwriting to form her powerful, dark-pop aesthetic.

With the accompanying video the artist enlisted the help of aerial acrobat Amber Lavina to embody the track’s feeling of courage, as she gracefully defies gravity in the dark and mystical visual.

O.L.V is a push and pull between strength and struggle” Adjua explains. “The track and album is full of fighting spirit and O.L.V in particular talks about how one little voice can have a huge impact if we have the hope and courage to use it as best we can. For me the track is about tackling environmental issues but it can be relevant to any situation where strength, courage and hope is needed to get through something and make the right choices.

Adjua began her musical career as a teenage drummer in an all-female punk band, where she quickly developed a taste for a genre that was willing to push social and political boundaries. After collaborating with a range of producers she became revered for her high energy live performances as the front woman for Backbeat Soundsystem, combining her soulful melodies with a deep, poetic lyricism.

The talented young producer’s debut release shows an artist on the rise.