Theo Bard returns from self-imposed exile with his latest soaring single, ‘The Gift’

After first introducing himself to us with his beautifully composed debut EP ‘You Give’ in 2015, Theo Bard has spent the intervening years pushing his music into more electronic realms than ever before. Inspired by a new generation of songwriters augmenting their music with electronic sounds, he has developed a unique voice as both producer and songwriter, and has returned to reveal his new brand of dark, experimental pop.

‘The Gift’ features soaring synths, atmospheric samples, and rich vocal harmonies, which create and enhance the dark, brooding atmosphere of the song itself, in a manner which is reminiscent of Massive Attack or Sylvan Esso for its effortless fusion of live and synthetic elements.

Elaborating on his new release, he explains, “The rain pours down, and a man in a dark coat is searching for something precious which he has somehow lost. The poetic, evocative lyrics allude to the simple relations of family life, while the chorus claims richly and fully the simple message: It’s a gift… That you keep on giving me.

Theo Bard ‘s new single ‘The Gift’ out now on Icons Creating Evil Art, with his next EP ‘INKUS’ arriving later in the year.