Listen: Afriqua – Zenith from new album Colored on R&S Records

Berlin-based producer Adam Longman Parker announces ​Colored, ​his first full-length LP as Afriqua for R&S Records. The album is a celebration of the unifying power of Black culture through the prism of electronic music.

After releasing successful singles “Soul Correction,” and “Chronic Cool,” and the back-to-back ​Aleph ​and Vice/Principle ​EPs, a full-length album was the ideal format for Parker to expand on the sounds typified in his dancefloor productions. ​Colored​ is a natural culmination of Parker’s stylistic spectrum, spanning from house and techno to experimental and abstract electronica.

His heightened attention to production quality was inspired by seminal records in the canon of Black music, including work by Quincy Jones,​ ​Roy Ayers, and Weldon Irvine (who also hailed from Hampton, Parker’s hometown in Virginia). ​Colored, however, is a distinctly “un-nostalgic” album and these classics served more as archetypes of musical achievement than bases for imitation. “To the extent that it hearkens back, it does so in the sense of the sequencing and arrangement, in the pursuit of sonic accomplishment across the record,” says Parker.

Track List:
1. Tape Tema
2. Dope
3. Sociodelic
4. Shout
5. Birdlandia
6. Noir
7. Upstream
8. Tape Turner
9. Zenith
10. Native Sun
11. Go Tell It (ft. Salomon Faye)
12. Whatever Means
13. Jumpteenth
14. Burn
15. Space Dookie
16. At Last