Plàsi returns with his mesmerising sophomore “Mystery” EP +shares video for Sorrow

Following the release of his blissful singles ‘Mystery’ and ‘Bright’, half-Swedish, half-Greek songwriter, producer and musician Plàsi returns with his mesmerising sophomore EP, released through Nettwerk Records (Passenger, Angus & Julia Stone, SYML).

The EP opens with the mournful, delicate soundscape of ‘Sorrow’. Built over a tender, finger plucked guitar melody, Plàsi’s warm vocals take centre-stage. It’s deeply intimate and raw, showcasing his ability to paint his emotions in such vivid colours. “‘Sorrow’ describes the hopeless search for answers and solutions when you’re in the midst of depression,” he explains. “You try to find some, but it’s gotten out of hand and it feels like it’s too late. ‘Sorrow’ is a hopeless attempt to find those answers.

As the project continues, we see the threads of Plàsi’s dual heritage imbue the record. Second track ‘Colors’ recounts tales of beautiful landscapes across Europe. Stretching from the blue of the “Aegean Sea” to the green of the “north Swedish trees”, and the red of the “Nile in the dawn”, we’re transported to the natural landscapes of Plàsi’s childhood home and other places dear to him.

Plàsi can effortlessly take you from the still and solitary bitterness of a Swedish winter to the mellow, sun-dappled coastlines of the Greek islands. As he manoeuvres throughout the project, each track presents a new shade of the songwriter’s worldview. Drawing to a close with the sanguine ‘Even If’, Plàsi ties up all loose ends, culminating in a vibrant yet clement display of emotion. ‘Mystery’ is a record with a sense of community, wanderlust, and is inherently human at its core.

It captures a period of time in my life when I’ve been very analytical, where I’ve been in the middle of situations and had questions” Plàsi offers on the projects’ inspirations. “Searching for the deeper answers is what unites the songs I would say. If you’re writing an EP about love or politics, then you’re searching for the answers about that, but with this one, it’s searching for something different, more the deep things inside you and around you“.

Swedish producers Linus and Hannes Hasselberg have deftly curated this atmospheric record. Mixed by Canadian Tyler Neil Johnson (Joshua Hyslop and Austin Basham), the pair met twice before deciding to collaborate on the project together: “Tyler found my music online – it means a lot to have his long mixing experience part of this, which has brought that extra dimension to the productions that is difficult to find.”

European Tour Dates

*/supporting Hollow Coves
01.11.19 DE-Berlin – Badehaus *
02.11.19 DE-Leipzig – Neues Schauspiel Leipzig *
04.11.19 CH-Zürich – Dynamo *
05.11.19 DE-Frankfurt – Nachtleben *
07.11.19 CZ-Prague – Futurum *
08.11.19 DE-München – Folks *

+/Headline tour
27.11.19 UK-London @ Servant Jazz Quarters +
28.11.19 DE-Stuttgart @ Café Galao +
03.12.19 AT-Vienna @ Rhiz +
04.12.19 CZ-Prague @ Palac Akropolis +
05.12.19 DE-Berlin @ Auster Club +
09.12.19 NL-Amsterdam @ Paradiso Tuinzaal +
12.12.19 SE-Stockholm @Nalen Klubb +
14.12.19 SE-Piteå @Studio Acusticum +