Crystal Murray debuts second single “Princess”

Talent does not depend on age, or so the saying goes, which is pretty apt in the case of Crystal Murray who has a natural born talent for music. With barely 17 years to her name, this Parisian singer-songwriter is already at the root of one of the most unique sounds around. Her enchanting, magnetic, dream-like sound feeds on the multiple influences she was raised on as a little girl. Daughter of the jazzman David Murray and of a Franco-Spanish mother who dabbled in world music, she grew up amongst a whirlwind of gigs, tours and festivals – something which would go on to make music an essential part of who she is.

Fast-forward to summer 2018, and things started to kick off when she hooked up with musician and producer Pierre-Hadrien Trigano, better known as PH Trigano, who worked with Ichon and Myth Syzer. Together, the two came up with Crystal Murray’s debut single, After Ten. This bewitching, heady song about the mixed fortunes of love lays the foundations for her musical DNA, which is wedged somewhere between jazz, house and soul. “I love talking about new jazz,” the young singer enthuses.

“Princess” is the second single by Crystal Murray. With hints of a 2-step sound, it shows off the singer’s versatility. It’s a modern approach which defines the sound of her generation, breaking down musical barriers by mixing soul, jazz, house and rap.