Indie-pop artist By Land explores trusting your intuition on new single

Björn Lindberg is the creative brain behind the solo project By Land. With his debut album I shall name you Bjorn due to drop this Spring, the Swedish producer and songwriter gives listeners an idea of what to expect, with new track release ‘Drift.’

For Björn, music offers an escape. He can create his own inner world, transforming cloying self-doubt and irrepressible thoughts into sounds. In doing so, creating something tangible from abstract ennui helps to lighten the load.

Made up of ghostly sonic synthesizers, which layer perfectly with Björn’s hazy, yet effortless vocals; ‘Drift’ focuses on the action of trying to be in touch with one’s true feelings; by suppressing any gut feelings, and second guesses. Discussing the new single, Björn tells us “My rational mind is often trying to suppress my gut feeling. Drift is a reminder for myself to trust my feelings and let them come forward.

Having previously collaborated with the likes of ALMA, 2019 saw him being nominated for a Swedish Grammy as a co-producer of Åkervinda’s album ‘Förgänglighet’.