LOLA Shares New Single Feral Soul

LOLA today releases her new single ‘Feral Soul’, the first single from her debut EP The Sleeping Prophet, due this summer. The first taste of new music since last year’s ‘Care’, ‘Feral Soul’ is a deeply personal track set against LOLA’s signature intricate R&B sound, exploring the darkness felt during a period of mental decline, where each thought is fighting to be heard. The accompanying video sees a 3D, digitised LOLA dancing in trance-like rhythms; the many faces and sides of LOLA that we can not see in reality are materialised here,against an increasingly trippy, mind-bending backdrop. As the last scene depicts LOLA dancing alone in the blackness of the void, it feels as though there is a sense of peace, and yet, an inexplicable sadness.

Speaking about the single, LOLA explains “‘Feral Soul’ is the acknowledgement of having become a person you never thought you’d be – not recognising even your own thoughts. It’s basically a metaphor for those parts of yourself that are more illusive, that you might reject but are still a part of you. I feel like sometimes we fall into a deep mental hole of our own making, and find it hard to get out. More often than not, we have the answer within and just have to face our fears, which can be overcoming obstacles of our own creation. Learning to be content on my own, and able to self-reflect without self-destructing was a hard process, but one that led me to so much more happiness than I ever imagined.

At just twenty-three years old, LOLA creates intricate compositions, haunting melodies and spiritual musings in her unique take on R&B. Raised in London and born into a musical family, music has been a constant throughout LOLA’s life. Sharing a collection of demos with the production team TTY was the jump-off point for several months of writing and recording with a rolling cast of musicians in a shed in Chingford, East London. This spell birthed LOLA’s debut single ‘Mountain Dew’, written, recorded and produced in one day which debuted on BBC 1xtra, followed by her latest single ‘Care’. ‘Feral Soul’ is her first single in 2020 and the sign of things to come in what will be a huge year for one of the UK’s most exciting rising stars.