Bartleby Delicate is trapped in a cycle of isolation and confusion in chilling new visuals

Bartleby Delicate is full of contrasts – with folk music rooted in the heart and his recent love for experimental electronic music. Now, he returns to the music scene with fresh accompanying visuals for his latest single ‘From Top To Toe’.

Monochrome with a touch of colour, ‘From Top to Toe’ tackles the paradox of memories we can’t remember, the subject of irrepressible memories, and their habit of worming their way to the forefront of your brain when you least expect it, Bartleby tells us “I’ve had some disconcerting experiences the last few years. The strange thing is that I struggle somehow to remember the exact origin of them but still those memories are haunting me. I think we are all constantly trying to repress things from our past and they come back from time to time fully present in front of us: from top to toe.”

In a whirlwind of majestic and soulless surroundings, the visuals featuring Bartleby himself, showcase a lonely male gaining consciousness. Trapped in vicious cycle of disorientated emotions, Bartleby appears to in a state of confusion and lost in unfamiliar thoughts, that are unavoidable.

Discussing the inspiration behind the new video, Bartleby says “We came up with the idea of trying to recreate the atmosphere and the emotions of the song rather than having a narrative in the video. We pictured that being in a lost place, laying there in the cold water in February would be the right way to recreate these feelings.