Stream: Josh Kumra Shares Vulnerable new EP, ‘Pull Me Back In’

Singer – Songwriter Josh Kumra returns with a new EP, ‘Pull Me Back In’, out now via ferryhouse.

Following up on the recently released singles; the soaring ‘Don’t Know Why’, the confessional ‘I Dare You’ and last year’s intimate ‘Stubborn Love’, the EP is an insight into Josh’s newly found creative freedom. Mostly recorded and produced by Josh in his own studio, the new body of work is an introspective journey through the emotions and mind of a young artist who found himself “falling short of the grand expectations everyone had of me and had almost lost my love for making music completely”, as he candidly concedes.

Whilst the title track ‘Pull Me Back’ is in the artist’s own words; “all about going there to come back, getting lost to be found. For me it’s the song that takes the core of the other songs on the EP and brings them together in a simple but an unavoidable way.

Having topped the UK charts and performed on ‘Later… With Jools Holland’ before having released his debut album, the talented artist suddenly found himself with a major record deal and under pressure to capitalise on the sudden exposure brought by his collaboration with Wretch 32 on ‘Don’t Go’, the chart-topping single which reached #1 in the UK upon its release.

After the release of his debut album ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Don’t Wait’ and his international headline tour, Josh struggled with the idea of being the pop star people saw in him. The unexpected publicity meant losing the original idea of “writing music from my heart,” he confesses while talking about the vulnerability and sense of loss he felt. He left London for Tetbury, set up his own recording studio and started writing and recording new music in a safe space, one in which he could develop himself first before trying to please everyone else. A completely different creative process compared to “being sent around to hit makers on a daily basis, baring everything and anything personal to strangers in the hopes of writing a hit song,” recalls Josh on the dark side of the hit making machine.

‘Pull Me Back In’, is a remarkable collection of heart-wrench songs, one that is destined to set Josh Kumra as the bonafide singer-songwriter he is.