Watch: Faux Real share video for new single ‘Kindred Spirit’

Franco-American brothers Elliott and Virgile Arndt aka Faux Real recently shared the first taste from their forthcoming debut EP with the video for ‘Boss Sweet’. A piece of film that showcased some of the brothers’ already infamous choreography from their compelling live show. ‘Kindred Spirit’ – the second offering from them and lets us further into their magical minds.

‘Kindred Spirit’ is an ode to feral kinship, a siamese rock anthem defining and dividing Faux Real’s take on duality. The video sees the pair at grasps with the elements, likening brotherhood to the forces of nature that unite us and positioning the Arndt brothers as champions in the fight against insecurity. Ultimately, the song serves as an anthem to one’s spirit animal; a hymn on how to best embrace and honour our inner selves.

As Elliot and Virgile conceived it in 2018, Faux Realism combines elements of post-punk, glam rock, and contemporary R&B with a unique sense of humour, boy band tropes, and a forward-thinking approach to modern pop culture. Having earned applause and adoration with their striking method – which includes an avant-garde live show which they have developed over time, wooing half-confused, half-amused crowds one unconventional venue at a time. It was this dedication to performing anywhere a city allows, from sweaty nightclubs and house parties to street corners and illegal raves, sometimes even hijacking existing concert bills with impromptu slots, is what helped build Faux Real’s existing and ever-growing fanbase. To date they have sold out shows all over the globe including in London, Paris, LA and NYC on a word of mouth basis, long before any music was released.

Faux Real are now poised to finally unveil their innovatory music with their self-titled EP, co-produced by Jay Watson (Tame Impala , Pond, GUM) and due for release on May 1st.