Stockholm art-pop meets Wes Anderson on luminous new video

Stockholm based producer and writer Alec Baker releases new Basliel Berhane directed video for his latest track ‘Something About You’.

With a minimalist remit of “something visually pleasing that would fit the mood of the song”, the video features dancer Marcus Møller throwing shapes in the midst of backdrops with a colour palettes fit for a Wes Anderson film.

The track was co-produced with Summer Heart and features vocal melodies and lyrics from art pop experimentalist MANX. Combining saccharine vocals with ambient synths, ‘Something About You’ tells the story of lovers who are drifting apart but still holding on to hope.

Spending the last two years travelling between studios in Sweden, London and New York has seen Alec spend many a late night in a jazz club, along with racking up ours of studio time with people he’s met on the road.

Alec Baker’s new EP is due to drop in Summer 2020.