Tracks of the Week: Techno Trip 23 (ConnectFM)

The latest episode of ConnectFM Tracks of the Week Techno Trip 23 edition is available now via Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Spotify Playlist.

Feat. new Tracks and Remixes from:
Ian Pooley, Morgen Wurde & Tis, Werner Niedermeier, moshonsensu, The Allegorist, HDSN, Tim Etzel, Piotr Figiel, Thomas Hessler, Bearman, Anika Kunst, NEPZ, Bart Skils & Weksa, Man Power, Oscar Mulero, Kmyle, 1FM, Truncate, Kerrie, PWCCA, Hysteria Temple Foundation, Dok & Martin, Amotik, Veerus,Lorenzo Panico, Fred Asquith, Mar Io and Marie Wilhelmine Anders

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Selected & Presented by Doogie

TOTW: Techno Trip 23(ConnectFM) by Dubiks
Morgen Wurde & Tis – Zielt [Werra Foxma]
Werner Niedermeier – Perspective [Bulletdodge]
moshonsensu – Lost And Found Tape [Rednetic]
The Allegorist – Blind Emperor [Awaken Chronicles]
Ian Pooley – JV Organ & Matrix [Rekids]
Brian Johnson – Dont Jynx the Sphinx [Master Chef Music]
HDSN – Hypercolour [We Must Protect This House]

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Tim Etzel – Pink Kush (Original Mix) [Frame Music]
Piotr Figiel – The Message [RWETES]
Thomas Hessler – Hall [Symbolism]
Bearman – Dreaming In Detroit (Vocal Mix)[Tust Jechno Records]
Anika Kunst – Detox [Symbolism]
NEPZ – Najawa [Motech Records]
Bart Skils & Weksa – House of Lords [Drumcode]
Man Power – Carino [Throne of Blood]
Oscar Mulero – Asteroidal dust [Inducted waves]
1FM – Soul Overload (Truncate Remix)[Illegal Alien Records]
Kmyle – Basement Dance [Skryptöm]
Kerrie – Poly Pressure [Blueprint]
PWCCA – Deconfigured translation [Inducted waves]
Hysteria Temple Foundation – Shyrokyi Lu [HTF Records]
Amotik – Adsath [Amotik]
Dok & Martin – Undertaker [Filth on Acid]

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Veerus – Nobody [Drumcode]
Lorenzo Panico – Fast Enough [Panic Sound Records]
Fred Asquith – We Don’t Wanna Scare Anybody [Absence of Facts]
Mar Io – Space At Night (Marie Wilhelmine Anders Remix) [Broque]

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Cover: Arisa Chattasa

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