Tracks of the Week: Techno Trip 26 (ConnectFM)

The latest episode of ConnectFM Tracks of the Week Techno Trip 26 edition is available now via Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Spotify.

Feat. new Tracks and Remixes from:
Locked Groove, DJ 3000, Luxus Varta, Fazack, John Tejada, DJ Godfather, Hassan Abou Alam, RHR, Bezier, Live On Acid, DJ Rocca, qwqwqwqwa, Sid Le Rock, Dark Circles, Bawrut, Robotek Reagan, Brian Johnson, ShhGrr, Lilly Palmer, Pfirter, Monoloc, Ryan Michael Robbins, Markantonio, Dok & Martin, GlassBox, Ananda, Carlo Lio and Boris

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie

TOTW: Techno Trip 26(ConnectFM) by Dubiks
Luxus Varta – Opium Star [In Abstracto]
Fazack – Weightless [Cultivated Electronics Ltd]
DJ Godfather – TH3Y’V3 ARR1V3D[Databass]

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RHR – Mente e Drama [Tijolo Records]
Hassan Abou Alam – Mawkif [Banoffee Pies Records]
Locked Groove – Nautiluss (Bezier Remix) [Locked Groove Records]
Live On Acid – Disco Evolver [Hello World]
DJ Rocca – Fix Up Elgam [Memento Records]
qwqwqwqwa – STBS [Grid Records]
Sid Le Rock – Gitchegomee[Beachcoma]
Dark Circles – False Flag (Bawrut Remix) [Insult To Injury]
Carlo Lio and Boris – Break it Down [Truesoul]
DJ 3000 – Deçiq [Motech Records]
Robotek Reagan – Taste My Lick (Four the Floor Patch) [Void Space Institute]
John Tejada – Excursion [Palette Recordings]
Brian Johnson – Dont Jynx the Sphinx [Master Chef Music]
ShhGrr – Matrix (Original Mix) [Hardtools Records]
Lilly Palmer – We Control [Drumcode]
Pfirter – Attack [Odd Even]
Monoloc – Sudek [ANORMAL]
Ryan Michael Robbins – Surveil (Original Mix)[Fierce Animals Recordings]
Markantonio – Hands [Redimension Music]

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Andy BSK – Billy Is Smart [Transfiguration]
Dok & Martin – Disaster Zone [Filth on Acid]
Ananda – Xora Na Rave [Macro Hits]
GlassBox – Where Is Everybody? [Juncture Music]

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Cover: Paul Frenzel

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