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Möd4rn is back with second LP ‘Decode Process Inform Decide’

First release since 2019, “Decode Process Inform Decide” is Möd4rn’s first LP with all four members: Electric Rescue, Kmyle, Maxime Dangles and Moteka.

It is a reflection on our current society where everything is just information. Humanity entered the information age at the end of the 20th century, with a recent acceleration due to the development of the Internet and so-called “social networks”. But rather than a liberation, a growth, a calming down, humanity has, on the contrary, become a slave to an overflow of informations, a permanent overdose and a general stupefaction. More than ever, information is manipulated and oriented to serve commercial, political or ideological ends. More than ever the Decode/Inform/Process/Decide mantra must apply.

MÖD4RN – Decode Process Inform Decide
Release Date: September 30th

1 – Sea of Electrons
2 – Mechanical Illusions
3 – Signal Transmission
4 – Lost Connection
5 – Archived Data
6 – Seduction 2.0
7 – Ai and I together
8 – Virtual Emotion
9 – Meta Immersion
10 – Reaching Hands
11 – Human Rhizome

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