Premiere: DJ 3000 – Work in Progress (DJ Godfather Remix)

DJ 3000 drops “Work in Progress” from the album “Mezë” – An ode to Detroit’s unique sound, 10th May on Motech Records

DJ 3000, the trailblazing figure in electronic music, unveils “Work In Progress”, an electrifying track extracted from his latest album “Mezë“. This song is a testament to the essence of Detroit’s music scene, where the bassline reigns supreme and less is indeed more.

“‘Work in Progress’ is all about that bassline”, explains DJ 3000.I wanted to capture the raw energy and infectious groove that defines Detroit’s sound. The combination of a captivating bassline with a catchy vocal creates an irresistible vibe that’s impossible to resist.

As the track evolved during production, DJ 3000 felt compelled to introduce stabs, adding an extra layer of Detroit funk that elevates the song to new heights. This infusion of elements reflects his deep-rooted love for Carhartt and Carhartt WIP, paying homage to both fashion and music in a seamless blend of urban culture and sonic innovation.

Joining DJ 3000 on the EP are two Detroit icons, Jon Dixon and DJ Godfather, each offering their unique take on “Work in Progress” through exhilarating remixes. Jon Dixon infuses soulful melodies and driving beats, while DJ Godfather injects his signature energy, resulting in remixes that push the boundaries of sonic exploration.

In addition to “Work in Progress”, the EP features an exclusive unreleased tune titled “Kazani”, showcasing DJ 3000’s commitment to delivering fresh and innovative sounds to his audience.

“Work in Progress” is not just a track; it’s a celebration of Detroit’s rich musical heritage and DJ 3000’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music.
Premiere: DJ 3000 – Work in Progress (DJ Godfather Remix) by Dubiks

Artist: DJ 3000
Title: Work in Progress Remixes
Label: Motech Records
Catalogue No: MT174
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Released: 10 May 2024
Track Listing:

A1. Work in Progress (Jon Dixon Remix)
A2. Work in Progress (DJ Godfather Remix)
B1. Kazani
B2. Work in Progress (Original Mix)

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