Michael Reinboth (Beanfield) is set to release his first track under his own name

Michael Reinboth’s first ever release under his real name. After early Beanfield productions, circa 20 remixes (some old ones labelled simply Compost Remixes), more than 30 compilations and 30+ years of running Compost, a few 12”s under alter egos, the Compost boss decides to liberate the alias and mystic.

“Let The Spirit” is a kinetic cover version of a house classic, released way back in time on Ron Trent’s legendary Prescription imprint. It has no samples, everything is self-programmed and produced in team play with Jan Krause (Beanfield). The flipside brings us the trippy “RS6 Avant” which comes in two versions. The Cosmic Version is a invite to float over the Landstraße (or the dancefloor with eyes closed in the late night hours). And as Michael loves to drive fast too, he decided to add the Club Version – a much more energetic take with which works a treat on peak time dancefloors (and the Autobahn of course).

Michael Reinboth – Let The Spirit / RS6 Avant
Release Date: June 7th, 2024

Side A
A1. „Let The Spirit“ (7:24)

Side B
B1. “RS6 Avant” (Cosmic Version) (6:48)
B2. “RS6 Avant” (Club Version) (6:18)

PreSave here

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