DJ BORING announces mix for ‘DJ-Kicks’ series + releases new & exclusive track ‘You Luv me’

Today sees Australia-born, London-based DJ and producer DJ BORING announce the upcoming release of his mix for the trailblazing DJ-Kicks series, out on July 12 via !K7 Records. The announcement lands alongside an exclusive new track – ‘You Luv Me’- one of two new DJ BORING tracks found on the record, alongside exclusive tracks from BambounouLeo PolCameo Blush and Matisa. DJ BORING will be celebrating the release of his DJ-Kicks with a run of UK, US and European tour dates., dates and details listed below.

“Universal.” That is the word that Tristan Hallis proudly states when describing his inaugural entry into DJ-Kicks’ storied lineage. As DJ BORING, the Australian DJ and producer has forged a vibrant and illustrious career that has taken him to all corners of the globe – from his native Naarm, to the coveted booths of the world’s biggest clubs and festivals, to his current base of London. Unlike his puckish alias, Hallis has earned a cherished reputation for his effervescent stage presence and bombastic sets, which take in a hi-NRG flow of oddball techno, Chicago house, future funk and the emotional depths of melodic trance and ambient music.

Fittingly, his DJ-Kicks mix is a winding journey through the moods, sounds and eras that coloured Hallis’ complex inner world during the compilation process. “Trying to compile this put me in a pretty strange headspace. To be honest, I was trying to compile a vast range of stuff so I just needed to be on my own to focus on it. I stayed in one day and then finished it off in my studio” Hallis explains. “Then I just totally zoned in – it all came spilling out of me.” This fluid state of being results in a dreamy opening sequence, where Incienso founder Anthony Naples’ ruminative and aptly titled Orb Two makes ample space for the arpeggiated sound design of Patrick Holland’s Fried. Soon, Berlin 1 by Oscar Jerome kicks in, injecting the heady energy of the British artist’s jazz-funk fusion. “At first, I was going to do something completely different – it was just going to be dance music! But I think a lot of people like the at-home listening aspect, and that really resonated with me – it’s what I enjoy. I want people to feel that they can put the mix on at the start of their night, while they’re cooking dinner, before ramping up a bit before going out.”

This pointed shift to the dancefloor comes into full effect with UK producer Pariah’s remix of Teqmun’s Nettle Dweller, the percussive techno roller that seamlessly blends into Beste Hira’s Pembe Bulutlar and the intoxicating 4/4 house stomp of Burnski’s Pacific. “This is the kind of house music I normally listen to when I want to get pumped up and in the mood before I get on stage,” he beams.

Likewise, Hallis’ own approach to his DJ-Kicks selections is informed by the foundational tenets of the genre, where soulful melodies and grooves interact to build a feeling of euphoria. It’s a creative approach inspired by Moodymann’s iconic 2016 DJ-Kicks recording, in which the Motor City icon simmers slow soul, jazz and funk to a boil, releasing a melange of life-affirming house tunes. “When I first moved to London, my friend and I would play this at work, because it came out around that time. We just had an obsession with DJ-Kicks and Moodymann was our favourite. It’s all about the slow burn that then perfectly meshes into this energetic dancefloor area. I wanted to do my own version of that,” he says.

Hallis’ DJ-Kicks mix is also designed to trigger the senses. It’s for the quiet, brain-tingling moments of solitude at home, and the chest-rattling hysteria of the club. This sensory appeal has long informed Hallis’ high intensity artistic practice. “When I get into my studio, I make it smell quite intense with heaps of Palo Santo or incense. I just like to have aroma, I love strong smells – almost like there’s a fire in the room,” he says. This desire to tangibly transmit energy is clear in the playfully tactile vocals of Shanti Celeste’s Cutie (the endearing nickname he also calls his fans); the bolshy, body-jolting rhythms of Monterrey’s finest, Regal86; and the soul-stirring trance leanings of Hallis’ own original contributions, You Luv Me and N15.

CD tracklist:

01 Anthony Napels – Orb Two
02 Patrick Holland – Fried
03 Surgeons Girl – Sympathetic Cycle
04 Thomas Fehlmann -Schizophrenia
05 Oscar Jerome – Berlin 1
06 Rampa – 79249 Intro
07 Matisa – Balet
08 Sally C – All Love
09 Teqmun – Nettle Dweller (Pariah Remix)
10 Beste Hira – Pembe Bulutlar
11 Burnski – Pacific
12 Cameo Blush – Art Of Worry
13 DJ BORING – You Luv Me
14 Shanti Celeste – Cutie
15 Hertz – More Funk
16 Bambounou – Expensive Discogs House
17 Jennifer Loveless – back 2 front (she just keeps going)
18 Regal86- Fuel (Deep Dish Mix)
19 Tim Taylor Vs. Thor 54 – Over The Hill (Mr G’s Hi Nrg Dub)
20 DJ BORING – N15
21 Odymel – Even Sven
22 Leo Pol – I’d Rather Be Getget
23 Ede & Deckert feat. Sargland – Immer (Narciss ‘Venice’ Remix)
24 moktar & Saad El Soghayar – Haraka حركة

LP tracklist:

A1 DJ BORING – You Luv Me
A2 Patrick Holland – Fried
A3 Sally C – All Love
B1 Cameo Blush – Art Of Worry
B3 Sfire – Sfire6
C1 Burnski – Pacific
C2 Leo Pol – I’d Rather Be Getget
D1 Bambounou – Expensive Discogs House
D2 Matisa – Balet

“This DJ-Kicks mix is my personality to a tee,” smiles Hallis, relishing the creative freedom of exploring myriad emotional territories as a DJ. “It’s a perfect balance of everything that I love; it’s hopeful and meditative, but also fun. I hope people listen to it front to back and go on the journey – because it goes everywhere.”

DJ BORING Tour Dates 2024

12/05 CORE Medellin, Columbia
16/05 Flash Festival, Italy
17/05 Le Bon Air B2B Sherelle, France
24/05 Project 6 Festival, London
01/06 AVA Festival B2B salute (Boiler Room), Belfast
02/06 Forbidden Fruit Festival, Ireland
09/06 Parklife, UK
27/06 Glastonbury Festival, UK
28/07 Tomorrowland, Belgium
10/08 Loveland festival, Netherlands
22/08 Substation, Seattle, USA
24/08 Audio, SF, USA
01/09 ARC Festival USA
08/09 Voodoo Village, Belgium


Photo Credit: Dan Medhurst