Benno Blome Night Shots LP on Bar25

Benno Blome Night Shots LP on Bar25

In order to see, we need light, but we are not blind in the darkness. Our eyes adapt to the darkness and we see contours and shapes. Only colours are hard to differentiate. That’s why we say, ‘All cats are grey at night’. Darkness lets you feel all your other senses much stronger. For example, you hear much better.

That’s why Benno Blome’s debut album “Night Shots” is best heard after sunset. Each of these tracks are like a picture taken under low light, where schemes and structures come together in the process of its development. The night itself becomes the target here.

Each part of every track is scheduled to be experienced during the nightfall. The absence of daylight is the concept where adrenaline rushes through the veins like cars driving through city streets. Traffic, people, clubs, flashlights – everything shines in shapes and forms.

After 18 years of music production, countless EP’s and remixes on his own imprint, Sender, and befriended labels like Bar 25 Music, it was finally time for Benno Blome to drop his first full length album.

1. Have Some (Fish Eye Collective Edit)
2. White Flag
3. Check Check
4. Abotha
5. Full Frame
6. Drop Out
7. Father Of Birds
8. Jac Jac
9. Spherical Aberration
10. People Keep On
11. Lense Distortion
12. High Grain