Boomdoc – Lowda EP on Affectionate Grooves

Boomdoc – Lowda EP on Affectionate Grooves

The tenth release on NexGen’s Affectionate Grooves sees debut artist Boomdoc take center stage, bringing us 4 slabs of upbeat steppin’ house. This EP is straight up four-on-the-floor party music with inspiration taken from the roots of house’s “golden” years.

The Lowda EP kicks off with ‘Roc Dem Floors’ a catchy dance floor stepper with tasteful vox samples and synth piano parts reminiscent of early UK house. A definite for the gym/workout playlist.

‘Higher & Higher’ builds the intro with spoken word chants before dropping into a swinging, bouncing jackin’ house trip. Breakers’ delight.

Title track ‘Lowda’ conjures a moody vibe with rudeboy vox, deadly pounding bass stabs and an unmistakably low-fi sax lick. “Turn it up LOWDA!’

Rounding off the EP is an absolute gem in “Steppin’ On the Town.” A funky vibraphonic intro hook leads you into a place of familiarity, which is quickly confirmed by the early club vocal styles that got you hooked to underground house music. The dropdown is BIG, serious and rolling… This track stinks of sweaty club anthem sauce.

A fully-rounded EP, Boomdoc’s Lowda EP is a hedonistic look back at the halcyon days of house music, a celebration of life at 120bpm which slots perfectly into the 2018 scene. The record is released on March 9th, and is available for pre-order now.

RELEASE DATE: 03-09-2018
1. Boomdoc – Roc Dem Floors
2. Boomdoc – Higher And Higher
3. Boomdoc – Lowda
4. Boomdoc – Steppin On The Town