Desert Sound Colony- Tethered EP on Fayer

After touring the globe with a three-piece band, Desert Sound Colony, the alias of Liam Wachs, has made a welcome return to his dancefloor roots. His forthcoming EP Tethered is set for release on Edu Imbernon’s Fayer with remixes from acclaimed producers H.O.S.H, The Drifter and Denis Horvat.

The vocals of title track Tethered reach out to you like a tribal calling, whilst guitar strings lead into a hypnotic trance that is interspersed with cosmic sounds and clashing cymbals. Wachs describes it as “most appropriate for an after hours session or a sunrise at a festival.” Whereas Sunrise of My Mind is deep and bassy with a broken beat that yearns to be heard on a huge soundsystem. “Somewhere between the dub and breakbeat sounds of Leeds circa 2009 and the weirder side of bands today” he explains.

The second track receives two reworks. The first from Dynamic favourite H.O.S.H is layered to the brim, sending the tune to another dimension. Denmark’s Denis Horvat who has released on labels like Afterlife and Innervisions delivers a darker, more techno leaning version. Maeve label boss The Drifter reworks Tethered by slowing the beat down a notch but still retaining plenty of groove to satisfy any dancefloor.

An artist with many talents, Desert Sound Colony has released on admired labels like Scissor & Thread and Me Me Me. Recently he has graced the stages of many respected festivals alongside names such as Ewan Pearson, Kenny Larkin, Hunee and Craig Richards.

Released: 12th February

1 Tethered
2 Tethered (The Drifter Remix)
3 Sunrise of My Mind
4 Sunrise of My Mind (H.O.S.H remix)
5 Sunrise of My Mind (Denis Horvat remix)

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