Dub Tractor – An Evening With on Music For Dreams

Dub Tractor – An Evening With on Music For Dreams

One of Denmarks absolute biggest Electronica pioneers in the 90’s “Dub Tractor” is rereleasing his album “An Evening With” from 1996 on the Danish label, run by Kenneth Bager, Music For Dreams. Anders Remmer, who hides behind the name Dub Tractor is also a part of System, People Press Play and Future 3. He has released organic electronic music under many different alias since 1994. In December 2017 Dub Tractor released his first album since his 2009 album called “Hello Ambient Wash”.

The album ”An Evening With” is Dub Tractors most funky album and Anders Remmer took a step away from the organic ambient universe and composed a funky spacey beat characterised album.

An Evening With will be rereleased the 23 of march on Music For Dreams.

Tracklist :

Scarry HH Loop
104 Dub
Ten Eighty On Its Own
Overheated Living Room
Elvis Monk
Snappy Bloom
Spinnet In Yer Face
An Evening Lost
A C Tractor