Electronic Producer & Violinist LAPA Returns with Spirit Vessel via Emancipator’s Loci Records on 2/16

Electronic Producer & Violinist LAPA Returns with Spirit Vessel via Emancipator’s Loci Records on 2/16

Russian-born violinist and longtime Emancipator member, LAPA [Ilya Goldberg] is once again stepping directly into the spotlight with Spirit Vessel, out February 16th on Emancipator’s Loci Records. Following up on his well-received debut Meeting of the Waters, Spirit Vessel kicks off on January 19th with lead single, “Stoika,” featuring West Coast multi-instrumentalist and singer Random Rab. Recorded over the last year and a half, Spirit Vessel is truly home made, using live instruments – drums and percussion, electric bass, violin, charango, mandolin, vibraphone and synthesizers.

The concept of Spirit Vessel holds special meaning for LAPA. “I believe that every piece of art is in some way a direct reflection of artists inner and outer worlds,” he says. “Spirit Vessel is no exception. I found myself thinking of nature, friends, my dogs, west coast where I live, different cultures around the world, time, meditation, and celebration of life.

The lead single “Stoika” was recorded with West Coast producer and multi-instrumentalist Random Rab, who feels right at home on “Stoika”. “Rab was visiting me in Portland, which happened to be the same day when I got a wolf puppy. Her spirit and presence was a big inspiration to creating Stoika!” Although the LAPA and Random Rab come from somewhat different musical backgrounds, they share some key similarities. “We are both inspired by variety of musical instruments. Between two of us we have a nice array of sounds from around the world.

LAPA describes his work as a “musical adventure and experience, that blurs borders and transcends boundaries, illuminating the resonance of universal forces and teleporting people to wild, dream-like places of serenity and connection.” Spirit Vessel, like all his previous solo work, more than lives up to that description and promises even greater delights in the future.

“Stoika” Available Today On All Formats HERE

Track List
Dog’s Dance Face
Dropping Bows
Talk To The Bass
Back to Africa
Dog Walker
River Trees
Time Squeeze
Empty Space