Exit Safe Mode preps murky eight-track ambient LP

Exit Safe Mode preps murky eight-track ambient LP

Estonian producer Margus Love returns to his Exit Safe Mode moniker for an idiosyncratic and murky eight-track ambient album in March.

Known for producing dark techno and dubstep under monikers like L-OW and 1DERL&, Margus Love’s Exit Safe Mode pseudonym sees him traverse ambient landscapes. Created and recorded during 2008 – 2017, the Tallinn-based producer’s debut album ‘Immerse’ draws from elements found in his previous projects, pulling from a broad palette of sounds to generate an experimental release that’s engaging and thought provoking.

Chilling voices overlap in harmony with ghostly chords in ‘White’ before moving into more futuristic territories such as the muffled synths of ‘Intermediate’, metallic effects of ‘Curvature’ and twisted keys found in ‘Encrypting The Past’. Dusky atmospherics join piercing stabs in ‘Moving Shadows’, whereas tracks like ‘Aberration’ and ‘K Story’ are menacing analog affairs. Finally, ‘Raindrops’ is a deep and melancholic offering that softly concludes an otherworldly long-player.

Exit Safe Mode ‘Immerse LP’ drops on Exit Safe Mode on 26th March 2018.


1. White
2. Intermediate
3. Curvature
4. Aberration
5. Encrypting The Past
6. Moving Shadows
7. K Story
8. Raindrops

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