Franck Roger “DIY EP” (Home Invasion )

Franck Roger “DIY EP” (Home Invasion )

French producer Franck Roger announces the next release ‘DIY EP’ on his Home Invasion label featuring two classic house offerings, this April.

Over the last few years the Parisian artist has been touring around the globe playing in Europe, South Africa, and Asia, in some of the world’s most notable clubs, from Panorama Bar to Wanderlust, and The Rainbow Venues. On top of this he’s also been working on his label, putting out various releases from some well-known figures in dance music from fellow Frenchman and Bass Culture Records boss D’Julz to Canadian born Paolo Rocco.

A bouncing groovy kick opens ‘Love Is What We Need’, slowly met by an infectious and deep melody, drizzled in warm glistening tones which really brings the track alive, these catchy harmonies are swapped around in ‘Do It My Way’, for a more definitive house sound, layered in strings and gentle tones.

Franck Roger’s ‘DIY EP’ drops via Home Invasion on 13th April 2018.


1. Love Is What We Need
2. Do It My Way