Lisboa Electronica Musiculture : Full 2018 programme with Nina Kraviz, Actress (Live), Raresh, Helena Hauff, Fumiya Tanaka, tINI & more announced.

Lisboa Electronica Musiculture : Full 2018 programme with Nina Kraviz, Actress (Live), Raresh, Helena Hauff, Fumiya Tanaka, tINI & more announced.

Following an incredible first edition, Lisboa Electronica Musiculture is back, welcoming labels, DJs, producers and industry figures to the culture filled Portuguese capital. From the 4th to 7th of April 2018, 29 labels lead Lisboa Electronica Musiculture bill.
This list includes трип, Clone Records, Pole Group, Werk Discs, Half Baked, Slow Life, Assemble Music and more – with each imprint showcasing their best talent. Between Ministerium Club and the industrial LX Factory, you can find Nina Kraviz, Raresh, Sonja Moonear, Altitude and Vera on Friday, and on Saturday Legowelt will bring us his incredible live act, alongside DJ sets from Oscar Mulero, Lewis Fautzi, Fumiya Tanaka and tINI, just to name a few. With over 60 acts on the bill there´s an eclectic mix of global heavyweights and breakout Portuguese artists. Lisboa Electronic Musiculture is a driving force in the city, it´s goal to amplify the culture of electronic music. It’s also a meeting point for key players to learn from each other and network, attend workshops, conferences and check out the marketplace.
Full festival tickets are available from €80, more info :Here

4 – 7 APRIL 2018


5 April – Ministerium
Werkdiscs (Ninja Tune) – Actress live AV, Helena Hauff
Trelik – Baby Ford, Alex Cellar
Rawax and Shift Imprint – Audiopath live feat. Jerry the Cat, DJ Al, Robert Drewek

6 April – LX Factory
трип – Nina Kraviz, Deniro
Assemble Music – Raresh, Joao Maria, Altitude (LIVE)
Discobar – Robin Ordell, Lamarche
GOSU – Manuel Schatz, Phil Evans
Hayes Collective – -2 live, VIL & Temudo
Groovement and Carpet & Snares – Jorge Caiado, Stereociti live, Ze Salvador
Piston Recordings – Rogério Martins, Johan and Ritz
Padre Himalaya Showcase – Silvestre and Renato
Pandilla LTD – Hélio + Diogo + Tiago
Melliflow Records – Vera and Alexandra
Low Money Music Love – Alexander Einetter and Diogo Lacerdas & Alexander K
Ministerium – Sonja Moonear, Onirik and Berllioz & Zoy (LIVE)

7 April – LX Factory
Clone Records – Legowelt (LIVE), Serge
Flow Records – Cardia, Kokeshi and Francisco Berberan
Bloop and Half Baked – Fumiya Tanaka, Greg Brockmann, Magazino, Kaesar, Cruz
Pole Group – Oscar Mulero, Lewis Fautzi, Tensal, plus Multidisciplinary imprint
Slow Life – S. Moreira (Live), Laurine, DJ Tree
Sensual Records – Michael Melchner and Benjamin Stager
The White Man & The Arab – Ben Micklewright (Fear Of Flying / Underground Quality fame) and Souhail Zaatari (Phonica Records)
Interzona13 – Stellar Om Source (Live), Luz Retina
Helena Records – Module Werk, Gonçalo
Traffic Records – Patrick Klein, Martyné