Listen : Jacob Bellens new single ‘Renegade’ out 26.01.18

Listen : Jacob Bellens new single ‘Renegade’ out 26.01.18

Following on from his third solo album Polyester Skin (2016 on hfn music) and the latest single/video Whenever, Jacob Bellens is back with brand new music: The upbeat song Renegade shows off once more Jacobs’s undeniable talent for catchy hooks as well as his feeling for grooving bass lines. The twist lies in the lyrics, which are surprisingly desperate, compared to the sound of the song. It is about losing a loved one and feeling left alone, but also about comparing the current situation in life to ‘where you thought you would be when you where young’, says Bellens. Assumingly everyone can relate to those kinds of thoughts and accordingly catchy does Renegade sound.

The song is accompanied by a charming one-take video by Alexander Ohrt and is the first single of Jacob’s upcoming album ‘Trail of Intuition’ which will be out in March.

So now your life has left you with a feeling
that dreams are only for the chosen few
that what was going on while you were sleeping
came and went away and now it’s all too late
that time is up and that you should be leaving
that there’s nothing left round here for you to do
that talk is cheap and looks can be deceiving
cause it’s cold inside your heart, and you’re all black and blue

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