Listen : Marcioz – How to Make Love $tay EP on bitbird

Listen : Marcioz – How to Make Love $tay EP on bitbird

To say that 20 year old Brazilian producer Marcioz (pronounced “mar-see-ohz”) makes uncanny music would be an understatement. The first EP he released two years ago was an eclectic blend of electronic soundscapes, like a test of the sounds and area of the music world in which the young artist could be residing in.

With his upcoming second EP, Marcioz showcases a more sophisticated and mature sound from his previous music.

Marcioz acknowledges that his new EP How To Make Love $tay is his “most pretentious piece of work”. It’s a bold statement, condescending yet strangely fascinating in its self-awareness.The four-track EP is like a portrait drawn in pieces, with each piece representing a different aspect of Marcioz as a person. It’s also a project that leans on the indie side of the spectrum, with electronic elements acting more as an enhancer of sensations above all else.

“Mate Um Bonito Um Hesmo!” translates to “kill a beautiful one today” in Portuguese. Marcioz describes it as an “aggressive” record that represents his feelings of being an outcast. Chaotic yet cohesive, “Mate Um Bonito Um Hesmo!” carries the weight of Marcioz’s emotions through a warm variety of minor chord variations.

So that song is basically an expression of a feeling that I’ve been having for a long, and still have, I guess, but around that time that I was producing that song, I was feeling very anxious towards that subject.

Lead single “The Very Very $hy Pearl” is a song Marcioz wrote about embracing his shy and anti-social personality.

The Very Very $hy Pearl” for me sounds exactly like how I sound walking, because I look very weird, but no one looks like and no one sounds like me, talking and music-wise. I like being shy, I like the fact that I’m shy, and I think that reflects in my music. That’s why I call it “The Very Very $hy Pearl”, because I think I’m a very rare person, and that’s why I think I like the music I make.

“Please Sing My Little Robot (Interlude)” is a song which Marcioz believes sums up the feeling of the whole EP:

People come and go– record labels, friendships, anything–- people just come and go, but my computer always stays here with me and no matter what situation I’m in, socially or money-wise, my computer is always available for me to make music on. I am able to have a very shitty day at the university and be busy all day, but I can just come home and make tracks that make me feel better.

“How to Fall in Love With a Machine” introduces a vital theme in much of Marcioz’s music– the important relationship he has with his computer. Featuring the vocals of frequent collaborator LA-based Slow Shudder, Marcioz recounts the meaning behind the song:

At the time I had just broken up with my girlfriend and it completely fit the narrative that I have about people. People come and go, but my computer always stays. So I think that’s how you get love to stay– just fall in love with a machine.